From Thai-Lanna Traditional Medicine to Nowadays Technology

Let Thai natural ingredients absorb on your skin

Introducing traditional medicine from Thai-Lanna, Lakoocha(Mahaad), and Kot Phung Pla, these special botanical ingredients are available right now.

Skin lovers:

prepare your skin and be ready for the precious herbs with extraordinary results!
Strengthen the skin with notable Thai Herb with long benefits and history from Traditional medical records.

Then, upgrade your skin with one noteworthy herb from Southeast Asia origin

That’s why I plus Q designs the Smart Age System – 60+ Intense Nourishing Collection. With the miracle of prickly pear seed oil which contains the highest percentage (88%) of beneficial fatty acids essential to stimulating healthy cell production and turnover which deteriorated in the skin due to hormonal fluctuation. While containing the highest level of Vitamin E (150% more than argan oil) which protects the skin against free radicals.

Then, upgrade your skin with one noteworthy herb from Southeast Asia origin

Kot Phung Pla

  • Counting as elixir and anti-aging since Thai-Lanna period
  • Enhancing the skin elastic recovery
  • Absorbing deeply to your skin cells
  • Decreasing skin roughness and bringing the smooth touches

Lakoocha (Mahaad)

  • Having antioxidant ability
  • Containing resveratrolor for tyrosinase inhibitors
  • Inhibiting melanin production
  • Having Flavonoid that intending to anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

Two is always better than one.

  • With the niosome technology, the active ingredient has nanometer size to absorb into the skin deeply and easily
  • Offering antioxidants ability for anti-wrinkles and anti-aging
  • Inhibiting melanin in order to brighter skin tone
  • Enhancing growth of human skin cells

Researches and award, The 14th International Warsaw Invention Show (IWIS 2020), guarantee those incredible benefits from Thai natural ingredients, Kot Phung Pla and Lakoocha (Mahaad).

The mix and match of Thai botanic and advanced technology bringing Kot Phung Pla and Lakoocha are the cutting-edge products for strengthening and recovering to better and better skin.