World Health Organization (WHO) interestingly defines that “Populations around the world are rapidly ageing.

A longer life is an incredibly valuable resource. Yet the extent of the opportunities that arise from increasing Longevity will depend heavily on One Key Factor: Health.

Did you know?

The hormonal fluctuation due to aging naturally makes the skin dried out, thinner, more sensitive, loss elastic which leads to more wrinkling and sagging, looking dull and lacking luster. However, nowadays it is notable that more golden-age generation refuse to succumb their age, and remain very active and healthy.

That’s why I plus Q designs the Smart Age System – 60+ Intense Nourishing Collection. With the miracle of prickly pear seed oil which contains the highest percentage (88%) of beneficial fatty acids essential to stimulating healthy cell production and turnover which have deteriorated in the skin due to hormonal fluctuation. While containing the highest level of Vitamin E (150% more than argan oil) which protects the skin against free radicals.

The aromatherapy of orange, neroli, and petitgrain essential oils offer the specific needs of the golder-ager generation who aims to live a healthier, more satisfied and and comforted life. In short, smart aging spiendidly and gracefully.

60+ Intense Nourishing Shower Gel
60+ Intense Nourishing Body Lotion